12118 Optima BatteryMINDers
Description: AGM/OPTIMA BatteryMINDer PLUS® Maintenance Charger / Desulphator-Conditioner (12 Volt – 1.0 Amp)

This specially adjusted BatteryMINDer PLUS® is designed to maintain Optima, Odyssey and all known brands of AGM sealed “dry” batteries at full charge, without ever overcharging. Special adjustment ensures complete compliance with battery manufacturer’s exact specifications for cyclic long term non-use storage. One (1) Amp (constant voltage) maximum current, when battery is at less than full charge when first stored, complies with AGM battery maker’s requirements.

The BatteryMINDer Plus® goes two steps further than any known maintenance charger. Using Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) circuitry the unit supplies each battery with just the amount of current needed to raise or maintain the battery’s voltage at full charge level. Second step is the full-time automatic process that safely removes harmful sulphation3. By using U.S. patented pulse mode technology it dissolves the crystals of sulphate that prevents the battery from delivering its full power and cycle life. It does this without raising the output voltage above the battery maker’s maximum recommended voltage levels. Keeping the battery free of sulphate virtually guarantees to significantly increase your battery’s life and performance. All units are individually adjusted to ensure compliance with each batter manufacturer’s specifications.
Price: $79.95