48021 BatteryMINDer 48 Volt- 2A
Description: Maintenance Charger-Conditioner (Desulphator)

The BatteryMINDer® is a 3-stage constant current/voltage charger/maintainer/conditioner that extends performance and life of all types/sizes/brands of 6-V, 8-V and 12 Volt batteries. These include maintenance-free, marine, deep cycle, sealed, gel, and all popular brands of AGM dry-type, valve-regulated batteries, such as Trojan, U.S. Battery, Exide, Optima and Odyssey. Push button selector for AGM, Gel batteries and maintenance type ensure exact compliance with all battery manufacturers’ specifications.

The BatteryMINDer® automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulphation using safe, patented high-frequency pulse technology1. Guaranteed to increase your battery’s life and performance, or you get 100% of your money back within 1-year.
Price: $239.95