24041 BatteryMINDer 24 Volt-4A
Description: The BatteryMINDer® is a 3-stage constant current/voltage charger/maintainer/conditioner that extends performance and life of all types/sizes/brands of lead acid batteries. These include maintenance-free, marine, deep cycle, sealed, gel, and all popular brands of AGM dry-type, valve-regulated batteries, such as Interstate, Concord, Exide, Optima and Odyssey. Push button selector for AGM, Gel batteries and maintenance type ensure exact compliance with all battery manufacturers’ specifications.

The BatteryMINDer® automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulphation using safe, patented high-frequency pulse technology1. Guaranteed to increase your battery’s life and performance, or you get 100% of your money back within 1-year.
Price: $189.95