24041-AA-S1 BatteryMINDer 24V Aviation-Specific Charger
Description: 24-Volt 2, 4, or 8 Amp Charger-Maintainer-Desulphator-Conditioner

VDC Electronics now has available Aviation Specific versions of its 24-Volt Maintenance Charger - De-Sulfator – Conditioners.
Aviation Specific 24-V model 24041-AA-S1 is safe to use on all type and size Aviation Specific batteries, including both sealed and wet-cell constructions. The voltage settings and charge rates (both user selectable) have been chosen, after conferring with leading aviation battery makers in the U.S. By providing each of these BatteryMINDer units with an “At-the-Battery” temperature compensating sensor, batteries can be safely charged and maintained for extended periods in temperature extremes from 32°F to 125°F. Without this type temperature sensing, batteries will be under-charged in colder temperatures (<70°F to 32°F) and over-charged in high temperatures (>80°F to 125°F).
Both models include full-time pulsed de-sulfation circuitry designed to safely dissolve sulfation build-up on the battery’s storage plates, restoring lost cranking power and extending life. Our de-sulfation method is fully automatic, does not use potentially damaging high voltage and is exclusively protected by two U.S. patents.